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A Little Dab'll Do Ya.  36 x 36

A Little Dab'll Do Ya. 36 x 36

My art is influenced by the advertising of my childhood.   I love those iconic images, and how they entered the mainstream in a way that advertising images no longer do.   I worked at the Leo Burnett Ad Agency in Chicago, which is famous for creating some of advertising’s most enduring images.  It was no wonder I ended up working there for a little while, and it is no wonder I paint those vintage advertising images.

Brylcreem, for those who don’t remember, was a British pomade that was popular in the States until the 60’s. Its jingle featured the lyrics: "Brylcreem/A Little Dab'll Do Ya!/Brylcreem/You'll look so debonair/Brylcreem/The gals'll all pursue ya/they'll love to run their fingers through your hair”

It suffered a serious sales decline with the advent of haircuts modeled after those wild mop-tops known as the Beatles. a decline from which it has never recovered, despite having one hell of a great jingle! 

This original painting is:

• 36 x 36 on 1.5” gallery-wrapped canvas

• acrylic/oil

• wired and ready to hang

Additional original paintings are available.  Email for a link to complete listing.

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